Down the Rabbit Hole

Have you ever wished you could explore and adventure the way Alice did in Wonderland? Chase a white rabbit down a hole, encounter the Cheshire cat, and run from the Queen of Hearts? I can't tell you how to get to Wonderland, but you can take a journey Down the Rabbit Hole with Badger & Dove!

We really wanted to capture the peculiar and curious setting in our pieces that Alice encountered while on her adventures in Wonderland. Badger & Dove's Down the Rabbit Hole Collection will feature five designs in necklaces and new Petite Pretties bracelets, plus for the first time we will offer a Mama Necklace to match our main piece Peculiar Adventures

Peculiar Adventures features light blue 24mm pearl beads, stripes, and harlequin beads! We added some fun textures to the design to capture the oddity of Wonderland, but remained soft and feminine for Alice. 

Curiouser gives bright vibrant color in hot pink, neon purple, and black! While we wouldn't want to meet a brightly colored riddling cat in the woods, we would definitely wear his colors. 

Knave of Hearts you know in the stories it was a queen and she wasn't very nice, but we decided to give the honor to that poor knave who painted the roses the wrong color. You'll find gorgeous red,black,and white in this piece. We added a red rose, harlequin beads, and stripes to this one as well. 

Unbirthday might be our favorite! It's a beautiful mix of mint and yellow. We didn't want to get too mad with the design so we kept it simple and appropriate for tea time or an unbirthday celebration. 

White Rabbit you won't want to be late for this sollid. It's simple, delicate, and oh so perfect for any occasion. Solid white pearls on a white cord so you can match any outfit. 

We hope you love Down the Rabbit Hole as much as we ha

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