A few weeks ago I was discussing with a friend the hardship I, and many other people, face with carrying a giant purse. I have four kids, so when we decide to make an outing suddenly I feel like a solo pack mule for twenty kids. Guess what always gets lost in the bottom of my bag; if you said the keys you're absolutely correct. It never fails my keys end up hidden in some forgotten crevice of my purse and no amount of digging my hand into the vortex of said bag while juggling toddlers is going to make them appear. I'm the lady tossing her purse on the hood of the car and eventually finding my keys but not before I remove nearly everything from my bag. Enter Forget-Me-Nots keychain bracelets!

Forget-Me-Nots are slightly oversized bracelets on elastic cord with a keychain attached so you can slip your keys right onto your arm, up your arm, or slide them on the handle of your stroller for quick easy access! I can now toss my keys into my purse and find them in a fraction of the time. They are made with smaller scale chunky beads to match Badger & Dove necklace releases. How fun is that?! 

First drop for Forget-Me-Nots will be 5/4 at 10:30am with the Down the Rabbit Hole collection and Petite Pretties! Have you read the blog post on Petite Pretties? If you haven't you really really don't want to miss it so make sure you head over there next!