Petite Pretties

We've been working on this for a while and decided that Down the Rabbit Hole was a great release to launch these fun bracelets. Petite Pretties are seedbead bracelets that will come in sets of four each set complimenting the necklace collection from the drop. The first set is going to be a limited stocking since we have so many new things for this release. Have you checked out the post for Forget-Me-Nots? You're going to want to head over there and see what that's all about!

When you order your Petite Pretties there will be a drop down menu to choose your size so be sure to measure those wrists! Toddler size is 5.25" and a Teen size is 7.25" so you'll want to be sure you're getting the right one! Be sure you get your set on 5/4 at 10:30am CDT.

As always we caution you to use supervision with any beaded jewelry. Petite Pretties aren't toys and have tiny parts that may look tasty to a small child.